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For children with a body harness or spica cast by hip dysplasia

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About Kiek Hip Wear

Kiek Hip Wear was born when our daughter had to wear a spica cast to correct her hip dysplasia. I was also born with a hip dysplasia, and I know from experience how difficult it is to find clothes that fit and look great too. Our daughter had to wear a pavlik bandage, body harness, traction, spica cast, and another body harness. This was followed by an operation and another spica cast.

Unique collection

When she had to wear a spica cast for the first time, my sister made trousers for her that fitted perfectly, even with spread legs. The doctors at the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam were so enthusiastic about them that we decided to sit down with a fashion designer. The result is a unique collection for babies and toddlers who need to have a body harness!


Because of the positive experience with my own daughter, I was extra motivated to bring lovely clothing for other children with a hip dysplasia onto the market. The aim of Kiek Hip Wear is to make parents and their children happy with lovely, timeless products of good quality. I hope you enjoy all that is on offer on this website.

Business transfer

In october 2017 Kiek Hip Wear is transferred to The Box Brands in Rotterdam. This company is specialized in the distribution of online sales and will continue the sales of the hip dysplasia clothing. After setting up this company in 2011 it's time for me to move on after six years. I'm very proud of what I have achieved with Kiek Hip Wear and very happy to help parents of hip dysplasia kids all over the world with the Kiek Hip Wear special clothing and sleeping bags. The Box Brands will continue this great work.

Best regards, Oeda de Jong