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For children with a body harness or spica cast by hip dysplasia

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Car seats for children with a body harness or spica cast

Hip Safety Service Maxi-Cosi in a limited number of countries

One of the biggest practical challenges you face when your child has a hip brace or a cast is travelling safely by car. The solution is the Maxi-Cosi hip dysplasia service. Maxi-Cosi has developed a special car seat for children with a hip brace or a cast, suitable from 0 months up to 3.5 years. This car seat is not for sale but can be borrowed from Maxi-Cosi.

For more information about the Maxi-Cosi Opal (conditions and availability) please check the Hip Safety Service Maxi-Cosi.

Car seats when the Hip Safety Service is not available in your country

Unfortunately the Hip Safety Service of Maxi-Cosi is available in a limited number of countries. You can only transport your child with the ‘standard’ car seats that are available on the market. There are some possibilities, depending on the age of your child and whether your child is wearing a hip brace or a spica cast.

Filling up the maxi-cosi/car seat with a pillow, towels or Styrofoam so that your child's legs can be positioned over the sides (with a hip brace as well as a spica cast). Often the straps will be too short. Ask at the shop where you bought the car seat whether it is possible to extend the straps. Another option is to ask a company that is specilised in manufacturing custom car seats for disabled children to extend the straps of the car seat.

Note: For the situation that a child does not fit in a car seat and you cannot fill up the car seat, some hospitals suggest to take the hip brace off for a maximum of one hour.

Steps Charity can provide help with the car seat purchase or hire.

Which solution you choose for transportation is personal. Some parents may adjust the Maxi-Cosi and some parents do not want to use an adjusted car seat. There are parents who try to use the car as little as possible and others drive to all sorts of holiday destinations.

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