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For children with a body harness or spica cast by hip dysplasia

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Size chart

1. Clothing
2. Sleeping bags
3. Footmuffs

1. Clothing → choose the normal size

You can order your child’s normal size for the clothing when wearing on top of a spica cast or Hip brace/Pavlik. The jumpsuits and spica cast trousers are made to fit with a spica cast, so it is not necessary to order a larger size.

The Kiek Hip Wear garments have standard sizes for children’s clothing. The available sizes are:

Size (height in centimetres) Age (months)
50/56 0-3 months
62/68 3-6 months
62 3 months
68 6 months
74/80 6-12 months
86/92 12-24 months
86 12-18 months
92 18-24 months
86/92 1-2 years
98-104 3-4 years*
110-116 5-6 years*

*only available for spica cast trousers

2. Sleeping bags - choose the right size

Our sleeping bags have the same length as standard sleeping bags so that they can still be used when your child no longer needs to wear a hip brace or spica cast.

Size  Description  Age  Width    Length

Suitable for children
with sizes up to 50

Up to 4 months


50 cm
1  Suitable for children
 with sizes up to 74
 Up to 9 months  70
2  Suitable for children
 with sizes 80-92
 9 months to 2-2.5 years  90

Which size do you choose?

Which size you choose when ordering a sleeping bag is of course your personal decision. But when you are unsure as to what size you need to order, please bear the following in mind:

  • The sleeping bags have the same length as normal sleeping bags, but are wider to fit with a body harness or spica cast. As a result the sleeping bags look and feel a bit bigger (more fabric) than standard size sleeping bags.
  • Because of the pulled up position of the legs because of the spica cast or body harness, the sleeping bags are more than long enough, whichever size you choose.
  • Customers regularly change the sleeping bags for a size 1 when they ordered a size 2 so that they would be able to use it for a longer period. However, because of the quantity of fabric used because of the extra width, customers often find a size 2 sleeping bag too bulky for their little baby.
  • The advantage of a size 2 sleeping bag is that it will fit until your child is 2-2.5 years old. The sleeping bag is still very comfortable for your child to wear after the spica cast or body harness has come off. Children who used to wear a spica cast or body harness often continue sleeping in a ‘frog’ position for which the wider Kiek Hip Wear sleeping bag is very suitable.
  • Some customers have used the (extra) length of the sleeping bag to fold underneath the end of the mattress.
  • The opening at the top of the sleeping bag is larger with a size 2 than with a size 1. Please make sure that your child cannot slip into the sleeping bag with his or her head! If you prefer to order a larger size, this problem can easily be solved by temporarily making the opening a little smaller with a few stitches at both sides.

Which TOG should you choose? → Read more

3. Foot muffs / One size

The footmuffs are wider than standard foot muffs, so that they are comfortable to wear when your child has a body harness, spica cast or hip brace. As the foot muffs have the same length as standard foot muffs, they can still be used when your child no longer needs to wear a hip brace or spica cast.

The foot muff is 26,8 inch (68 cm) long and has a universal fit, making it suitable for all types of buggies and prams.