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For children with a body harness or spica cast by hip dysplasia

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To choose the right size of the sleeping bag, please check our size chart.

To choose the right thickness of the sleeping bag it is important to consider the TOG of the sleeping bag. The TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) indicates how much warmth the sleeping bag offers. The higher the TOG, the warmer the sleeping bag.

Kiek Hip Wear offers four different thicknesses, each with a different TOG. To determine the right sleeping bag for you please consider:

  • the temperature in the sleeping room
  • the night/sleeping clothing that your child wears in combination with the sleeping bag

• Sleeping room temperature

TOG tabel UK

• Night/sleeping clothing in combination with the sleeping bag

1. Winter sleeping bag with detachable sleeves (2,5 TOG)

The sleeping bag with detachable sleeves is the warmest (2.5 TOG). This is the only sleeping bag with sleeves. Since the sleeves are detachable this is a very comfortable sleeping bag which can be used for a long period. This sleeping bag is suitable for the colder winter months in combination with night/sleeping clothing.

Sleeping room temperature Sleeping bag 2.5 TOG with:
15 - 16 ˚C / 59 - 61 ˚F Pyjamas + body suit with long sleeves
17 - 18 ˚C / 62.5 - 64.5 ˚F Body suit with long sleeves, potentially with pyjamas
19 - 20 ˚C / 66 - 68 ˚F Sleeveless bodysuit

2. Spring/autumn sleeping bag (2 TOG)

The spring/autumn sleeping bags are warm and sleeveless. These sleeping bags are ideal for wearing in spring and autumn.

Sleeping room temperature Sleeping bag 2 TOG with:
17 - 19 ˚C / 62.5 - 66 ˚F Bodysuit/pyjamas with long sleeves
20 - 21 ˚C / 68 - 70 ˚F Bodysuit with long pr short sleeves

3. Slightly padded sleeping bags (1 TOG)

The slightly padded sleeping bags are a good choice for fresh summer days and beautiful warm days in the spring and autumn.

The sleeping bag consists of a double layer jersey with a light padding.

Sleeping room temperature Sleeping bag 1 TOG with:
20 - 21 ˚C / 68 - 70 ˚F Sleeveless bodysuit and pyjamas or only bodysuit with long sleeves
22 - 23 ˚C / 71.5 - 73.5 ˚F Sleeveless bodysuit

4. Summer sleeping bag (0.5 TOG)

The summer sleeping bags provide the least warmth. The sleeping bag is ideal for warm summer days and for taking with you on summer holidays.

The summer sleeping bag consists of 1 jersey layer without padding.

Sleeping room temperature Sleeping bag 0.5 TOG with:
22 - 23 ˚C / 71.5 - 73.5 ˚F Bodysuit with long sleeves and pyjamas
24 ˚C / 75 ˚F or warmer Without bodysuit, only with a nappy

Please take note! These combinations of sleeping bags with night clothing are a guideline. The right choice of night clothing and sleeping bag differs per child and depends on the sleeping room temperature and the thickness of the night clothing. Make sure that your child does not get too hot (wet hair in the neck can be a sign that the child is too hot).

Our advice is to have sleeping bags with different TOGs to guarantee a comfortable night time for your child all year round.

We do not recommend the use of blankets or sheets because of the risk of cot death.